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Frame ID: M10

Sample ID: Metallurgical Coke

Magnification: As given

Illuminator: Vertical

Objective: 50x oil

Polarizer: In

Analyzer: In

Retarder Plate: In

Filter: (80 daylight)

Important Features: Coarse circular anisotropic coke texture

High Res image (300 dpi)

Description: The purple and green speckled area is cell wall material. The dark isotropic fragment with cell structure at the lower center is a fusinite maceral that appears unaltered by the coking process. In the ASTM/U.S. Steel Carbon Form Classification this sample falls into the Circular Anisotropic 1.5-2.0 µ group. This type of carbon form is typical of medium volatile bituminous coals of V type 11.