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Crelling's Petrographic Atlas of Coals and Carbons

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Frame ID: M11

Sample ID: Metallurgical Coke

Magnification: As given

Illuminator: Vertical

Objective: 50x oil

Polarizer: In

Analyzer: In

Retarder Plate: In

Filter: None

Important Features: Fine lenticular anisotropic coke texture

High Res image (300 dpi)

Description: The red and yellow speckled area is cell wall material and the dark areas around the margins are vesicles. An inertinite fragment is seen at the right center part of the frame. In the ASTM/U.S. Steel Carbon Form Classification this sample falls into the Lenticular Anisotropic 1.0-3.0 µ group. This type of carbon form is typical of medium volatile bituminous coals of V type 12.