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Frame ID: MA09
Sample ID: Elkhorn #3 seam Appalachian high volatile A bituminous coal, eastern Kentucky
Maceral Group: Vitrinite
Maceral Type: Telinite
Magnification: As given
Illuminator: Vertical
Objective: 50x oil
Polarizer: In
Analyzer: Out
Retarder Plate: Out
Filter: None
Important Features: Resinite cell fillings in vitrinite
High Resolution Image (300 dpi)

Description: The uniform light gray material is vitrinite showing a well-developed remnant cell structure. The cells here are filled with much darker resinite. Compare the cell fillings here with the cell fillings in frames MA1 and MA3. The darker tone here indicates resinite. This is confirmed in frame MA 10 which is the same field in blue-light illumination.