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Frame ID: MA15
Sample ID: Hiawatha Seam, High volatile C bituminous coal, Wasatch Plateau, utah
Maceral Group: Liptinite
Maceral Type: Resinite
Magnification: As given
Illuminator: Vertical
Objective: 50x oil
Polarizer: Out
Analyzer: Out
Retarder Plate: Out
Filter: None
Important Features: Angular particles of secondary resinite fluorescing different colors under blue-light illumination.
High Resolution Image (300 dpi)

Description: Angular particles of concentrated resinite fluorescing different colors under blue-light illumination. Green, yellow, and orange are the most common fluorescent colors. This field shows a number of crushed resinite particles that have been excited wih ultra-violet light which causes the resinite to fluoresce in green, yellow, and orange. The resinite occurs in the coal as vein fillings and, therefore, is considered to be part of the secondary origin (emplaced after the coal was formed and metamoprhosed enough to develop fractures which could be filled with the mobile resinite). Note the angular edges and the blocky nature of the particles that indicated brittleness.