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Frame ID: MA16
Sample ID: Hiawatha Seam, high volatile C bituminous coal, wasatch Plateau, Utah
Maceral Group: Liptinite
Maceral Type: Resinite
Magnification: As given
Illuminator: Vertical
Objective: 50x oil
Polarizer: Out
Analyzer: Out
Retarder Plate: Out
Filter: None
Important Features: Yellow fluorescing cleat-filling of resinite at right with very fine dark particles flowing into the cleat filling from the left.
High Resolution Image (300 dpi)

Description: Under blue-light illumination,an occurrence of cleat-filling resinite on the right and the host coal on the left. Note the swirling flow structure of fine coal particles flowing from the host coal into the vein filling. This structure indicates that the cleat-filling resinite was fluid at the time the fine particles were incorporated.