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Frame ID:  MA19
Sample ID: Hiawatha Seam, high volatile C bituminous coal, Wasatch Plateau, Utah
Maceral Group: Liptinite
Maceral Type: Resinite
Magnification: As given
Illuminator: Vertical
Objective: 50x oil
Polarizer: Out
Analyzer: Out
Retarder Plate: Out
Filter: None
Important Features: Cross-cutting veins of resinite
High Resolution Image (300 dpi)

Description: Under blue-light illumination,two intersecting resinite veins. The vertical vein fluoresces bright yellow while the horizontal vein fluoresces a much darker yellow. Because the vertical vein is cut by a perpendicular vein, the vertical vein must have been emplaced first. These cross-cutting vein indicate two different periods of resinite injection.