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Frame ID: MA35
Sample ID: Elkhorn #3 Seam, Appalachian high volatile A bituminous coal, eastern Kentucky
Maceral Group: Inertinite
Maceral Type: Semifusinite
Magnification: As given
Illuminator: Vertical
Objective: 50x oil
Polarizer: In
Analyzer: Out
Retarder Plate: Out
Filter: None
Important Features: Three types of semifusinite.
High Resolution Image (300 dpi)

Description: The three kinds of material in the upper three-fourths of this frame are semifusinite. All three have open-cell structure and reflectances between that of vitrinite and fusinite, as is characteristic of these macerals. The darker layer at the bottom of the frame is vitrinite and the very bright particle in the left-center is fusinite. As illustrated in this frame, the semifusinite macerals have the largest range in reflectance.